1. Moisten the leaves

To form the tobacco leaves and press a brick adjusted for the cutting machine you need 200 -250 grams (7-10 ounces) dry weight leaf. Moisten the leaf by spraying with water, when the leaf is soft enough you wrap them around the wrap-plate and load them on each other into the brick press.   

2-3. The Brick-press

When the brick-press is loaded you put the press plate and clamps in place. Press the leaf by tightening the clamps and leave in press for 2 hours. When pressed enough, divide the brick into three parts ready for the cutting machine.
See detailed direction for use (pdf)

4. The Cutting machine

Fasten the machine to a workbench or table. Insert one piece of brick into the funnel and press down with the wooden feeder and start to turn the crank. If the strands are to thick you reduce the pressure on the feeder or if they are to thin, you increase the pressure. 

5 / 6. Drying tobacco

Shredded tobacco have to dry down to moisture for smoking tobacco. Spread out the tobacco in an even layer on a cardboard or newspaper. Drying time depends on temperature, ventilation and humidity.


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Cutting Kit
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