Delivery condition


Purchases are charged in Euros. Prices in other currencies are shown only for your convenience and might be different than the actual charge in your local currency due to exchange rate differences.

Shipping cost:

The system will calculate the shipping cost depending on the destination and the total weight. To know the shipping cost for an order, please add the products to the shopping cart and start the order process. The system will provide the correct shipping cost before the payment details are requested.

These are some examples of shipping costs:

Cutting kit within the EU       EUR 34,00
Cutting kit outside the EU    EUR 48,00
When ordering any spare parts together with the Cutting kit there is no extra shipping cost.

When ordering Brick Press or Cutting drum separately the shipping cost is:
Within the EU EUR 16,00
Outside the EU EUR 20,00

When ordering other spare parts separately the shipping cost is:
Within the EU EUR 8,00
Outside the EU EUR 10,00